Social Determinants Of Health

Value Based Providers are continuing to focus on the impacts social determinants of health can have on the total health outcomes of patients. To support that area of focus, Humana has created a new website to address the needs of the whole person.

  • Social Determinants of Health: Food Insecurity - Loneliness and Social Isolation - Transportation Barriers
  • Healthy Days: Guides and supporting data
  • Stories: Learn how communities are impacting health across the country
  • Resources: Physician guides - marketing materials - progress reports
  • Community Partnerships: Highlighting 12 communities where Humana has partnered with physician practices, local businesses, nonprofits, educators and government organizations
  • Clinical Integration: Support for physicians, clinicians and Humana care teams addressing and impacting individual’s whole-person health within the clinical setting
  • Business Impact: Details around Humana's focused areas of influence, including primary care, home health, pharmacy, behavioral health and social determinants of health